Events & Birthdays
Events & Birthdays
We bring all the tools, wood supplies and safety attire to your location for a special event or a birthday party. The activity is usually takes 1.5 hours and is a great take-home gift for the guests.
Guests will plan, measure and build their projects, developing physical skills, spatial and mechanical reasoning, conceptual thinking and acquiring understanding of the materials. In the process, students experience concepts in math, geometry, physics, and engineering.

Tools used:
-sanding blocks to make the wood smooth
-hammers and nails
-a small Japanese pull saw to cut wood
-a manual drill
-power drill (one on one with the teacher)
-finished projects get decorated (paint, oil pastel or mineral oil finish)
The starting price is $30 per student for 1.5 hour special event woodworking activity. Price is subject to project complexity and location.