At kidbilt we offer full day holiday camps,
after school classes, special events for students ages 4 and up
for making engineering projects out of wood, cardboard, clay and paper.

Students work with tools to make their projects while exploring the fundamental concepts of math, geometry, and physics.
Boys and girls plan, measure and build objects of their own design,
developing physical skills, spatial and mechanical reasoning, and acquiring understanding of materials and conceptual thinking.

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Olga Chechina (Founder), 646-662-9629
I am all about the outdoors and staying off the beaten path - camping, making bon fires, canoeing and hiking are my loves. I am in my element when I work with my hands and teach through making. My approach to teaching is child-led project-based as well as outdoor nature play. I am passionate about creating a space where children can make a visible impact through their project work. I firmly believe that working with your hands, using tools and creating meaningful projects is one of the most empowering experiences for children.

Ms. Alia
A creative and talented crafter with a Montessori teaching background specializing in elementary school age children. Ms. Alia is a compassionate teacher with lots of positive energy that inspires the students to create great projects.

Ms. Genevieve
A true nurturer, she is the lover of nature, creative expression and active play. Her kid like energy is loved by our campers when they have to burn off some steam. Genevieve engages the group in a positive dynamic way and makes sure all conflicts are resolved with love and compassion.

Location: Downtown Jersey City- Hamilton Park or 54 Coles street, Jersey City.